Week 1: Reading – Steal old stuff


Stealing is a rather harsh word in this regard, and more so I would consider it to be called to find inspiration from, when dealing with this kind of work. This is especially the case, as it will often be just a few approaches which will be used – this might be subject matter, lighting, composition or what not.

It is, to be fair, completely normal to do this, and has always been. You can see similarities in various techniques, because things work. Clichés exist simply because they work.

By no means do the techniques you steal have to be ancient, neither do the persons who did it need to be dead. “A really great artist often needs the attitude of a scholar. She needs to be willing to dig into the past and go deep.” While that quote is true, it doesn’t have to be far in the past. No photographer, videomaker, designer or the like starts from scrath, but rather acquire their knowledge though techniques already in use, and so it is apparent that finding inspiration various places is a natural way of learning.


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