Week 4: Response


While I have been trying to look at cinematographers as of recently, I just really liked this bag with the text ‘Personal belongings’ leaning against a pillow with a blanket and a carton of chocolate next to it located in the tunnel of an underpass.

I thought that the objects invites you to think of a lot of stories. It’s not really a moneyshot, it doesn’t really look like a Roger Deakins shot either, but through its story telling I feel like I’m going for my initial ‘influence’ which was just in general telling stores through pictures.

I went for the camera all the way on the ground both to get more light through a slower shutter speed, but also to create some depth in a picture, where the subject is up against a wall not leaving any option for depth behind the subject. Went for increasing the clarity to fit the mood.p1200903


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