Reading: Lehman & Constable



A point to make is that every time a new medium resurfaces, it is widely critisiced for not being able to have artistic value. Same goes for photography in the first place, film, color film and in this case color photography. Why is that? Why don’t people learn from other mediums’ ability to have artistic value in spite of early criticism?

The fact that people look to photos and according to the article at least in one given instance prefer pictures with colors more snappy and saturated might mean that photos shouldn’t just be seen as a representation of reality but rather something else, which might be just one of the steps towards having color-photography be a legitimate artform.

The main challenge is something which is highly relevant for our class where there’s been a pretty solid divide between the use of either color og b/w photo. What are the pros and cons of b/w vs color? Is color-photography only used for realism?




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