Reading: Advice for Portrait Photography // Todd Hido


First thing i paid special notice to was the fact is that while Horne mentioned the fact that we put context and our own views into the photograph as a potential negative, Hido instead embraces it as the best thing about photography.

Another interesting point is that he considers portraits to be a hybrid between the subject’s real self and a chosen persona. This means that there inevetably is some truth in a picture regardless of our own thoughts that we bring into the same picture. On the same note he mentions how a portrait is a collaaboration between the subject and the photographer, which might seem obvious but at the same time is important to keep in mind.

He seems to think that the feeling of realness is a major factor in taking a good portrait and the inability for the subjects to be completely in control of what is being portrayed. This is the case both for the Marilyn Monroe picture and the one of the model in the car. So while he says that communication is a good idea, at the same time he advocates throwing the subjects slightly out of their element.


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