Week 12 – Response


Going back to ski images, here I tried a more unconventional angle in ski-photography, and what I feel is an improved color scheme than in previous ski pictures.



Week 11 – Response // David Hockney


Here, I went for a collage inspired photo, albeit less abstract than in the case of Hockey. Here, the different images more seamlessly fit together, but I made that the overall color tone of each individual layer more so matches the chip from the picture.Collage


David Hockney

Week 6: Response


Following up on recent sports photography, this weeks response is another one.

I made some changes after looking at the response from the images for the Making Photographs project, as I for this week made sure that the subject would not blend in with the background and thus have the skier only be in the ski due to a different framing. Furthermore, I went with a gradient in the sky inspired by Zach in order to create a kind of frame within the picture made out by the mountains just above the jump, and then the lighter parts of the sky to really lead the attention towards the skier.