Week 10 – Self portrait

Self portraits

Monday night is poker night, and it is important to bring a poker face



Week 10 – Landmark


I love how the bright light from the light post really illuminates the many snow flakes which brings depth to the image, while the sky remains dark. In this case, I am actually happy that none of the letters are lit up with the orange glow as the usually would be, here having a more toned down color pallette.


Photo projecct 2 – Portraits


The four portraits for the second photoproject.

With all four images I tried to get them to not be standard head shots, but have them a bit non-standard in some regard. In the first picture strictly speaking there is too much head space if following the rules, but it works well with the snow and her bliss about it.


Here, there angle is a bit off and it doesn’t quite go for the rule of thirds, and his head is slightly cut off.


Here, I went for dividing the picture in halves – a line goes directly down the middle behind his head, to go with the beard and glasses on one side only.


A more standard photo, but I didn’t tell the girl what to do which shows in her pose not knowing what to do.

Random girl